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The Scramble

If you’ve seen Lost in Translation, you’ll probably remember some scenes filmed at Shibuya, the busiest intersection in the world.

Millions of people pass through the “Scramble” every day and, if you happen to visit Tokyo, you just can’t give it a miss.

It’s one of those iconic places that you have seen on TV so many times that when you are there in person it seems like you’ve been there before; nevertheless, it does give you a great sense of wonder and excitement.

You can observe it from at least three different perspectives.

For an aerial view, unless you’ve got a drone, head to the Shunsai restaurant at the top of the Shibuya Excel Hotel.The food is great and so is the view!

Alternatively, try to beat the crowd at the Starbucks at the 2nd floor of the Tsutaya building.

If you manage to get a spot by the window, you’ll be right there facing the crossing:

Somehow the rain just adds to the mood:

After you have taken pics of the Scramble, no doubt you will want to walk across it...

...and it’s fun! There’s so many photo opportunities that you can spend hours there!

For more photos, please visit my gallery.

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