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The floating village at Inle Lake

Inle is a freshwater lake in the Shan State of Myanmar, most famous for the "one leg rowing" technique that the fishermen here have developed.

Hands free, this is how they stand up on one leg and wrap the other around the oar.

Whilst it is easy to spot local fishermen at work while cruising around the lake, it is equally easy to arrange photo-shooting sessions with fishermen who will wear traditional clothes for the occasion and perform stunts with their fishing baskets.

Personally, I'm much more in favor of candid and spontaneous shots, but if you guys look to replicate one of those iconic pics you usually see on the web, then give it a go!

Cruising through the floating villages, made of wooden houses built on stilts, is also one of the "unmissable" things; you'll have a glimpse at people's everyday life and it will all seem so unconnected to "our" modern world, as if the time there had stopped ages ago.

The only way to get from a place to another is using long-boat or canoe.

And, yes, also young kids are incredibly skilled and at ease rowing through the canals!

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